Short Cases


  • History (30231398): A teenager with a 3 year history of intermittent but frequent excessive, very loud, belching.  No definite triggers known. No clear reason found despite extensive work up, including Upper GI endoscopy and Esophageal manometry at a top Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia.  Trial of various antacids did not help.
  • Bit more details: Very loud belching, lot of gas accumulation with pressure in the stomach from distension, rumbling in the stomach, foul food smell in belchings, belchings tastes like food that has been eaten, worse evening.
  • Progress: Within 1 week of starting homeopathic treatment, patient noticed significant improvement.  Nearly 90% improvement was noted at two month follow up visit; remedy frequency was decreased.  At 4-month follow up, symptoms were described to have fully resolved in about 10 weeks from the onset of treatment for a 3-year long unexplained issue for which allopathic treatment was not helping at all – Thanks to Homeopathy, and thanks to little sugar pills some people call placebo!!
  • Outcome:  Cured.




  • 50-year old, male came with a 8-9 month history of frozen lower back, pain left side of lower back, pain shooting from hip to ankle, pain right leg, pain and tingling feeling in both lower legs, pinching sensation on dorsum of left foot, skin discoloration of left foot.
  • Symptoms started suddenly, no preceding history of back injury or unusual strain.
  • Symptoms worse: Folding right leg, beginning of motion, after prolonged sitting, during driving, body movement with twisting of back.
  • Consulted several orthopedic doctors in India and USA.
  • Underwent x-ray, MRI; diagnosed to have Multilevel degenerative changes from L1 to L5 with severe spinal stenosis and foraminal stenosis at L4-L5 level.
  • Was also diagnosed to have disk prolapse and lumber spondylitis.

Allopathic treatment:

  • Took physical therapy, including Yoga, and regular pain killer without any relief; then tried stronger pain killer with only partial and temporary relief in pain.
  • Ortho doc said no other medical treatment was available, offered surgery which patient declined at that time.
  • Continued to have every day, whole day symptoms despite strong pain killers.

Homeopathic treatment/early follow up (6913974):

  • Started homeopathic remedies in October 2013.
  • Following symptoms were said to be much better within 4 weeks of treatment: Hip to ankle pain, crawling sensation in leg, pain in dorsum of left foot, worsening of symptoms after prolonged sitting/upon twisting back movement/during driving, lower back pain.
  • Continued homeopathic remedies with addition of new remedy for hip to ankle pain worse if he had to strain during bowel movement.

Long-term follow up:

  • At 4 months follow up: All symptoms were nearly/completely gone.  He has not needed any pain killer in previous 3 months.  Was able to do all normal activities without any pain or discomfort.  Said he even forgot that he used to have pain every single day before homeopathic treatment even while taking strong pain killer several times a day.


6 month old with SEBORRHIC DERMATITIS (31191287):

  • History: Six-month-old infant with a history of “eczema” since age 4 weeks affecting the scalp, face, hands, back, elbows, legs, and diaper area.  History of severe flare-up a day after DPT-Polio vaccine.
  • Treated by pediatrician and pediatric dermatologist with Aquaphor, steroid creams, Aveeno Eczema cream, multiple lotions. Strong steroids provided moderate improvement but only for a few days.  Elimination of gluten, dairy, nuts did not help.  Exposure to sun every day did not help either.
  • Frustrated with only temporary improvement from steroid creams, mom sought homeopathic treatment.
  • Examination: Skin changes highly consistent with Seborrhic dermatitis.  Examination showed swollen eyelids, itching all over, and sunken eyes.  Redness on back of head, cheeks, neck, legs, forearms, elbows, knees.  Lot of flakes on the scalp.  Hair loss from the scalp.
  • Diagnosis: Findings consistent with Moderately-severe Seborrhic Dermatitis.
  • Treatment: Homeopathic remedies started at the first visit.
  • Progress: About 40% improvement noted within 8 weeks of treatment.  Nearly 95% improvement after 6 months.  Need for steroid cream significantly less.
  • Outcome: Completely clear of her “eczema” after about 8 months with no further recurrence.


7-year old with SEBORRHIC DERMATITIS (24191280)

  • History:
    –  Came with a history of severe eczema of 9-month duration.
    –  Initially started as itchy, red, round patch below lower lip that resolved after few weeks.
    –  2 months later, developed similar rash affecting face, eyelids, around the mouth, back and elbows.
    –  PMD diagnosed as eczema and advised to use Vaseline and moisturizers to keep skin moist that provided some improvement.
    –  Within, next 1 month, rashes recurred on all previous parts with much more severity and extended to scalp, forehead, and knees.
    –  Dermatologist diagnosed it as Atopic Dermatitis and prescribed strong steroid on the body and Eucrisa on the face. There was significant improvement within 1 week.
    –  Within a month after stopping steroid the rash flared up again this time also affecting the neck, sideburns, earlobes, and chin.
    –  Restarted steroid cream and it helped again.
    –  Within 1 week after stopping steroid, it flared up yet again – now having angry looking, swollen and very itchy skin.
    –  Then eczema continued and flared up intermittently despite using 2 steroid creams and an antihistamine drug.
    –  Allergy testing all negative.
    –  Sought homeopathic treatment at the advice of the grandmother.
    –  Other issues: Excessive earwax.
  • Examination:
    – Red, round, flaky, dry rash affecting the forehead, eyelids, nose, cheeks, sideburns, earlobes, chin, shoulders, upper arms, elbows, forearms, wrists, back of hands, fingers, and back of knees.
  • Homeopathic assessment: Seborrhic dermatitis.
  • Treatment: Remedies used during homeopathic treatment included Kali brom, Natrum mur, Psorinum, and others.
  • Progress:
    –  2-month follow-up: Significant improvement per mom with improvement in all rashes.  No new rashes noted.  Only minor flare-up of old rashes.  Skin about 90% better.  Residual seborrhea noted primarily on eyelids, neck, shoulders, and elbows.
    –  5-month follow-up: No further improvement; rashes up and down, continued to have residual 10% rashes.
    –  5-month follow-up: No further improvement in 10% residual rashes but no major flare up and no new rashes.  Potency increased.  Much less need for steroid creams.
    –  10- month follow-up: Significant improvement in residual seborrhea.  Skin now free of all rashes.  No need for steroid creams in last 2 months.  No new rashes.  No flare-up of old rashes.
  • Outcome:
    –  Treatment continued with decreased frequency of remedies.
    –  Will update as the case progresses.


A young adult with chronic, recurrent, MULTIPLE WARTS (48191304)

  • History:
    –  A young adult came with a history of multiple warts for the past 6 years.
    –  First wart noted after starting baseball in the school.
    –  Thought just an extra skin so scraped it off.
    –  But it kept coming back.
    –  Within next year or so, developed warts on several other fingers and face.
    –  In addition, old warts started to get bigger in size.
    –  No symptoms other than cosmetic concern.
    –  Other issues: Hyperhidrosis (dripping sweat!) of both palms for over 10 years.
  • Examination:
    –  Warts on right middle finger (3 warts), tip of right thumb, near nail bed of right thumb, terminal phalanx of left index finger, right side of upper lip, near right angle of mouth.
    –  Wart features: Slightly raised, yellowish, crusty appearance, cracks in the skin, soft-firm consistency.
  • Treatment:
    –  After living with warts for nearly 5+ years, patient tried Wart Remover Liquid but it hardly helped.
    –  Used Homeopathy Wart Removal Formula locally which helped but only about 20%.
    –  3 months before seeking homeopathic treatment, patient had all warts “burned” by a derm doc.
    –  Within 3-4 weeks of laser burning, all warts came back.
    –  Derm doc – a family member – advised patient to seek homeopathic treatment.
  • Progress:
    –  5 days after starting homeopathic treatment, patient noticed warts getting smaller.
    –  In about 10 days, most finger warts were nearly gone!
    –  At 9 weeks follow up, 90% of 6 year old warts were resolved.
    –  At 5 months follow up visit, all (100%) warts were fully resolved.
  • Outcome:
    –  At 5 month follow up, the frequency of homeopathic remedies was decreased.
    –  Further progress to be updated in the future.


 5-Year old with PSORIASIS:


  • About 5-year old, came with an 18-month history of psoriasis.
  • Initially developed rash on cheeks, diagnosed as Atopic dermatitis by dermatologist.
  • Used 1% Hydrocortisone which helped clear up rashes.
  • A few months later rash recurred and appeared like red pimple on cheeks. Pediatrician at CHOP diagnosed as Allergic Dermatitis and advised some anti-histamine drug which did not help at all.
  • Consulted a 2nd derm doc who again diagnosed it as Atopic dermatitis and prescribed stronger steroid cream and to avoid shower none of which helped for more than few days.
  • Few months later, multiple new red, scaly rashes appeared on upper arms, forearms, and kept getting bigger.
  • Derm doc now diagnosed Psoriasis Vulgaris after a biopsy and advised much stronger steroid that provided only temporary relief.
  • Soon, new rashes appeared on scalp, chest, back and other body parts.
  • Family decided to seek Homeopathic care.


  • Red, scaly, slightly raised, round rashes with advancing edges noted on scalp, earlobes, face, upper arms, elbows, forearms, chest, abdomen, and legs. Excessive itching worse late evening and at night.


  • Homeopathic treatment started at first visit based on total picture of the patient.


  • Parents noticed improvement within 3 weeks of starting treatment.
  • Within 2 months of homeopathic treatment, there was nearly 90% improvement in all rashes and itching.
  • No new rashes were seen.
  • Steroids creams were not needed at all after homeopathic remedies were started.
  • Treatment was continued in lower frequency of remedy administration.


  • By the end of 1 year of homeopathic treatment all old rashes were completely gone, the itching was fully controlled for many months, no new rashes were seen and no steroid creams were needed since after homeopathic treatment was started.
  • Patient was advised to stop the homeopathic treatment and come back for follow-up only if the psoriasis recurred.



  • History: 13-year old, history of eczema for 7 years, first lesion appeared like an insect bite on his leg but healed after antibacterial cream. A year similar lesion recurred and diagnosed as allergic eczema/dermatitis by several doctors including derm docs. Treated with local steroid creams including the strong ones, and antibacterial ointment. Despite treatment the skin eruption worsened within few months and spread to other body parts.1014998.
  • Progress with allopathic/other treatments: For the next 5 years all skin eruptions persisted with only partial and temporary improvement from steroid cream and moisturizing lotions but never healed. Also tried some nutritional treatment, infrequent bath avoiding eggplants he was allergic to but nothing helped.
  • Examination: Prior to seeking homeopathic treatment, despite 5 years of allopathic treatment, his skin findings included: Severe, chronic skin condition with dark, black, and thick skin. Redness at the edges of eruption, rawness, extreme itching, and bleeding when scratching affecting shoulder, upper arms, back, buttocks, thighs and legs.
  • Homeopathic assessment: Chronic infective dermatitis with eczematous changes in the skin.
  • Homeopathic treatment: Within 5 weeks of remedies given only once a day his skin condition improved nearly 90% as per mom’s assessment; photo comparison was consistent with clinical improvement.
  • Progress with homeopathic treatment: Mom stopped all allopathic treatment (not felt necessary) after 5 years of using it continuously. Within 10 weeks of homeopathic treatment he was nearly 95% better with previous improvement sustained. Treatment continues. With this degree of improvement, it is expected that he will be cured within next few months of homeopathic treatment.



  • History: 54-year old, female, having burning inside mouth after spicy food for nearly 4 years.  Avoided spicy and warm/hot food which helped only little.  Symptoms progressed to become everyday issues.
    –  Dental check revealed white ulcers on gums.
    –  Oral surgeon diagnosed Oral Lichen Planus confirmed with biopsy. Ten day treatment with oral Prednisone provided only slight and temporary relief.
    –  White ulcers on gums gradually became red, gums became spongy, bleeding when brushing and eating, tongue started to tingle, oral mucosa also started burning – sometimes like fire.
    –  Despite avoiding all spicy, sour and warm foods, she continued to have every day symptoms with periodic worsening with or without exposure to spicy foods.
    –  Lichen started soon after menopause; also developed hypothyroidism at about the same time. PMD diagnosed both issues as “Auto-immune” diseases.
  • Homeopathic treatment: Few remedies chosen based upon case analysis included:  Arsenicum album, Antimonium crudum, Lachesis, Muriaticum acidum, Natrum muriaticum, Nitricum acidum.
  • Progress/Follow up notes:
    –  Within 3 weeks of treatment, patient reported good improvement, mouth burning was all gone, gum swelling/bleeding/soreness were much less, she “felt good”.
    –  At 3 month follow up: Patient felt overall there was moderate improvement in her symptoms and mouth lesions.
    –  At 6 months follow up:  Patient said she was nearly 100% better, periodic flare ups were nearly gone, all everyday symptoms were also gone, and she was able to tolerate spicy and warm foods.
    Except for few white posts on few gums, all previous lesions on the inside of cheeks, tongue, and gums were well healed and they appeared normal and healthy.
    Oral surgeon told her that it was “an expected spontaneous improvement (but the expected did not happen in 4 years before homeopathic treatment!), and that it is expected to come back and get worse again as it never goes away”.
  • At 12 month follow up:
    –  Recent visit to oral surgeon revealed nearly complete healing of all lichen lesions except VERY slight issue at the margin of some area of gums. This gives her objective proof of improvement from homeopathic treatment by an allopathic expert.
    –  Patient has had no symptoms at all in many months all symptoms 100% control for the past 4-5 months.
    –  She is able to eat and tolerate all normal food and spicy foods including crushed pepper, green chili, spicy snacks, etc. without any symptom/s. She was not able to eat anything other than bland food for nearly 3 years before homeopathic treatment.