Patients sharing their experience with homeopathic treatment

  • Dr. Kishan is excellent at diagnosing the root cause of the issue and treat a person holistically and not only the disease. 5 star for him. He is thorough and meticulous. We are very satisfied with his treatment.
  • We are very pleased with the Homeopathic treatment we are receiving for our child from Doctor Agarwal.  Doctor is so accurate with diagnosis of the problem so the results were quick than we anticipated.  We highly recommend Dr. Agarwal for anyone looking for Homeopathic treatment for their child.  Thank you.
  • He is the best homeopathic doctor.  Very caring.  I had treatment of my lichen planus almost 12 years back and after that I did not have any reoccurrence.  I will recommend him to anyone with chronic skin issue.  I am 63 years old now.
  • My daughter used to get multiple febrile seizures.  After treatment by Dr. Agarwal, she has not had any more seizures, even in spite of having fever of 105+.  We are very grateful to Dr. Agarwal.
  • Amazing Homeopathy Dr. I am so glad I was able to know about him and happy that my son could get treated for his never ending runny nose; within a week of starting his course we could see the difference. We are very thankful to Dr. Agarwal for treating my son.
  • My son has been a patient of Dr. Agarwal for over 5 years and his treatment and remedies have helped tremendously for managing Autism. Main areas are speech, behaviors, food, sensory issues and overall improvements towards becoming more functional individual. I am so glad that Dr. Agarwal was able to make positive impact to my son’s development and treatment for autism.
  • My daughter had Eczema for 5-6 years.  We started treating her with allopathic treatment but it used to suppress it in that moment and kept coming back.  After going through this for quite a few years, we thought of trying homeopathy option.  And, then we came to know about Dr. Agarwal.  After consulting him and following his medications, her condition improved a lot.  It’s going to be a year now and her condition is much stable without any flare up so far.
    Dr. Agrawal is very thorough in his treatment and spends lot of time to know every detail about the patient.  And, it does make a difference.  My daughter is much better now.
  • Dr. Agarwal is intelligent, caring, and amazing at what he does. My daughter has recurrent chalazions and since we started his remedies she has not had any new ones! Thank you, Dr. Agarwal!
  • Dr. Kishan C. Agarwal is the best. Plain and simple.   My son has been a patient of his for over a year.  My son is two and half years old now. Once or twice a month he gets fever/cold, because of which he used to breathe heavily and snore.  We got to know Dr. Kishan C. Agarwal through a family member and for each appointment doctor spends good amount of time to understand the problems and making the problem diagnosis.  He always right on point and makes the necessary referrals for specialists immediately to ensure you get proper care.  He follows up and truly cares about his patient. He is caring, compassionate and professional.  We started noticed improvement within few days. It has been seven months, no cold, he breathes normally and no snoring.  I would strongly recommend Dr. Kishan C. Agarwal to those looking for an best Homeopathy treatment!!.
  • My daughter had eczema for several and has been taking allopathic topical medications. We wanted to try homeopathy and consulted Dr. Agarwal. It is absolutely admirable how he patiently pays attention and investigates every detail of the issue. After consulting him, her condition improved remarkable in less than a year. An amazing doctor and a great human being too!!
  • Dr. Kishan Agarwal is a great doctor! He’s very understanding and listens to our concerns. He takes time to understand the issues to help with our health issues! My daughter is currently under his treatment for frequent cold and cough issues. I highly recommend him.
  • When we were searching for an alternative medication for our Son for his recurring cold and cough issues, we found Dr. Agarwal’s profile online. Dr. Agarwal is so polite in listening to our questions, comments, and understanding in detail the current situation of our Son before providing any alternate medication for him. We have seen tremendous improvement with my Son’s recurring cold and cough issues. Now, we went to alternative medicine for our other son too. We are seeing great improvements with the other son’s allergic conditions and recurring colds and coughs. If anyone looking for alternative medicine for their kids then our first recommendation would be Dr. Agarwal for his vast knowledge and patience in listening to our words and trying to understand the symptoms to come up with appropriate remedies.
  • We are seeing Dr. Agarwal for Eczema and managing the symptoms of flare-up and skin itchiness using Homeopathic remedies. My kid has atopic dermatitis since birth. Dr. Agarwal is a big help and our daughter’s symptoms are getting better.  Dr. Agarwal also advices us about holistic improvement in diet, cleanliness, and well-being. We are fortunate to be under his care.  The schedule is clearly marked and the instructions are clear.  Appointments sessions are thorough.  We are hopeful that Homeopathic remedies will help to solve the problems with the Eczema flare-ups and itchiness.
  • My daughter has been under Dr. Agarwal’s Homeopathic care for eczema for about 2 years and she is now eczema free. We’re grateful for the science of Homeopathy and Dr. Agarwal’s medicines for the cure. I can personally attest to how much of a difference this treatment has made in our kids life. Thank you, Dr. Agarwal 🙂
  • I met doctor Agarwal seven years ago. One of my friend gave her contact and I think it was a blessing for me. My son was not speaking anything except few words. But as of today he is not only verbal but also able to communicate with other people. He is less social though but because of him and his medicines he has come a long way. Thank you Dr. Agarwal.
  • If you’re looking for alternative medicine, Dr. Agarwal is who you want to consult with. His approach to health considers the whole person when mainstream medicine says just focus on the diagnosis. You won’t find a doctor in my opinion that will spend the time with you and genuinely care about a patient’s recovery like Dr. Agarwal. The care combined by his professionalism and the office experience sets him apart from any doctor I have ever visited. My 2 children and I suffer from an autoimmune disease called lichen planus which has no cure and is offered steroids as an option for relief and often makes the condition worse. After 8 weeks of homeopathy the symptoms subsided for each of us, upon completion of the treatment I have had no new outbreaks which my dermatologist finds hard to believe given her experience with the disease. My children continue to be under Dr. Agarwal’s care and I have full confidence they too will make a 100% recovery.  We have been seeing Dr. Kishan for years now. First for our older daughter and now for our younger one. In both cases, we are very happy with how effective remedies have worked for our girls. Dr. Kishan is very knowledgeable, patient and accurate in treating. Homeopathic remedies have proven very effective for our girls and hope it will help others too.
  • We consulted Dr. Agarwal for our daughter.  He was very patient and listened to all the problems with minute details.  He is very detail oriented and very transparent about the course of treatment and expectations.  We started on homeopathic treatment, we see lot of improvements in short time. We highly recommend Dr. Agarwal for Homeopathic treatment.
  • I consulted Dr. Agarwal for an alternative medicine option to treat a long standing eczema on my daughter. First of all, he is very patient and spent close to 4 hours on our first visit time to understand the patient, reviewed the conditions, and history.
    To give a little history, for years (since child to 13 years of her age), she had eczema at folds (significant at arm folds), and all over the body. For years, we used to use some ointments, and steroids to relieve her during severe flare-ups.
    On the treatment, my daughter is going through her 3rd cycle of the remedy. During the second course of the remedy, we have seen significant progress.  Since we started the treatment, we stopped all the other treatments and now her skin is much clearer.
    We greatly appreciate Dr. Agarwal for his help in treating the long standing eczema and we highly recommend him!
  • Our son has psoriasis and after no luck with allopathic medicine and side effects of using steroids, we decided to seek Homeopathic treatment.  We were referred to Dr. Agarwal by a friend who had a similar condition and had good results.
  • Dear Dr. Agarwal,  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for us.  Words cannot express enough how you have helped my son and me.  You were my strength and courage as you helped him when no one could.  I still remember you taking my call at 11:30 one night. I will never forget that kindness.  Or, you seeing him when he needed help right away even to this date.
    You are more than just a doctor to us. You are like family.  We will miss your sweet and kind and always smiling face.  I wish all the doctors I knew had your diligence and personality.  Ha-ha you should start a coaching career on that!
    Please visit us in Texas. We would love for you to stay with us.
    Thank you once again for everything and we will still be in touch regularly.
  • We had gone to Dr. Agarwal for my son’s warts problem.  Before going to the doctor for Homeopathic treatment, we had tried everything including over-the-counter medication and lastly surgery to remove warts in the palms.  After the surgery, warts came back and in a bigger size. It was very painful for us to see our son go thru much pain and embarrassment due to this issue.
    Finally, we had approached Dr. Agarwal for Homeopathic treatment.  Dr. Agarwal listened to us very patiently and asked numerous questions.  Under his guidance, the symptoms started clearing up within a week and have not come back so far.  This made us feel extremely happy and we are very thankful to the doctor for the homeopathic treatment.
    Thank you, Dr. Agarwal, for the best treatment provided for my son’s condition.
  • Dr.  Agarwal gives you the time and full attention in getting all the information in order to start the homeopathic treatment. Thank you for being so humble and answering all the questions we had. My daughter (4-year-old) loved the doctor and her first visit.  Thank you for everything!
  • Really Very Happy with Visit.  The doctor clarified each and every question we had.  Very happy to see a doctor who has the patient-first approach.  Does not give any false hopes.  I would recommend for anyone.
  • My son has been a patient of Dr. Agarwal for almost two years now.  He is being treated for autism.  Dr. Agarwal is very thorough in his treatment, he gives a lot of time to his patients. I have seen a great deal of improvement in him ever since we started treatment.  His speech has improved significantly he is saying full sentences now.  Now that he can express himself verbally he is better able to deal with his anger and transitional tantrums. His eye contact and social skills have improved.  Homeopathy has worked wonders for my son and I am going to continue with Dr. Agarwal’s treatment for as long as it’s needed.
  • My son had severe dermatitis from head to toe and was scratching, bleeding, and had disturbed sleep due to this. As a parent, this was very painful to watch him suffer. I went to Dr. Agarwal for our first visit in Sep 2019. Today by Feb 2020 we are extremely happy with the change we observed in him. Dr. Agarwal is very detail-oriented and patient. He spent 3 hrs during our first visit to find out all the information. I recommend him very strongly. He is now open to only children below 17. I hope he starts his service to adults also.
  • We are very satisfied with our first appointment with Dr. Kishan Agarwal. We started the medication and will update my review as soon as we get positive results.
  • We went to Dr. Agarwal for my son’s warts problem. He has been suffering from this problem for the past 6 years. We tried everything including consultation with his Pediatrician, over-the-counter medications and lastly a minor surgery from Dermatologist. Nothing really cured the issue and in fact, warts grew bigger in size after the surgery. We’ve approached Dr. Agarwal for Homeo treatment. Dr. Agarwal spent more than 2 hours asking us all the details about many things and started the treatment for my son. It’s been less than a week and some of the bigger warts have almost disappeared and it made my son extremely happy. I am beyond words to see him happy and want to thank Dr. Agarwal from all of us. Thank you, Dr. Agarwal, for being so patient and giving the best treatment for my son. Will continue the treatment and looking forward for the follow-up.
  • I am so glad We did homeopathic treatment with Dr. Agarwal for my daughter. We started treatment for her Eczema when she was 6 months and now at 1 yr old, she is significantly better. Consultations were very thorough and you never feel rushed. We highly recommend Dr. Agarwal for homeopathic treatment.
  • Dr. Agarwal is an excellent doctor!  The symptoms that my son and I had, have been a lot better since we started the treatment.  I would recommend Dr. Agarwal to anyone who has been unable to get help from allopathic physicians.
  • Dr. Agarwal is detail-oriented. He listens to you. He cares for his patients. I really like his approach. His medicine started working within a few weeks (this was for recurring strep and acid reflux).
  • Dr. Agarwal is one of the best physicians that I’ve ever met. He takes the time to listen to all that a patient has to say. My first visit at his office was approx. 3 hours long and he went over every single thing related to my case history and made very detailed notes. I have been consulting him for over 2 years for an auto-immune condition and his remedies have kept the symptoms under control. If you are looking for an alternative form of treatment (to avoid severe side effects of allopathic medicines or otherwise), then there is no one better than Dr. Agarwal.
  • I consulted Dr. Agarwal for alternative medicine options to treat long-standing eczema.  This is my first visit and personally, I felt the visit was very interactive and informative.  Since it was my first visit and going through the first set of medications, I could not share any further updates on the progress but I will be adding my comments as progress through the remedy cycle.
  • Very detail-oriented and patient listener. Great first consultation.
  • Dr. Kishan is a very compassionate doctor and has a lot of knowledge of the homeopathic way of dealing with the problems. He spent a lot of time addressing our son’s condition in a detailed way.  We are currently using the homeopathy medication and sure it will cure the condition.  I recommend Dr. Kishan to anyone looking for a good doctor.
  • I was very pleased with my experience with Dr. Agarwal who pays careful attention to details and spends a lot of time with patients answering all questions.  We have always been very satisfied with the care and attention received.  Thanks.
  • Dr. Agarwal is very detail-oriented. He spent 2 hours for our daughter – taking a history, asking questions, and explaining along the way. We just started the treatment, so only time will tell if it is successful. I would highly recommend Dr. Agarwal for anyone looking for Alternative medicine / Homeopathy treatment for their child.
  • We were at Dr. Agarwal’s Clinic last week for our son.  We felt he is very professional, patient, attentive, and detailed.  He gave us plenty of time and listened to our concerns without feeling rushed.  He spent a lot of time to know more and more about the problem to get to the point.  We are confident and hopeful about his treatment.  Overall, a very pleasant experience and looking forward to the follow-up appointment.
  • Dr. Agarwal took his time and conducted a thorough evaluation for my son – something I have yet to experience at any of his traditional doctors.
  • I met Dr. Agarwal almost 9 years back when my son was diagnosed with psoriasis. He started the treatment, listened to us patiently and we came a long way. My son is 14 years old now and doing so well. Dr. Agarwal is no less than a God for me. Me being a physician, knowing that there is no cure for psoriasis, except controlling by steroids at that age, I resorted to Dr. Agarwal, who guided us through this journey.  My son finished his treatment recently, and all because of Dr. Agarwal. God bless him.
  • It was a pleasure meeting with Dr. Agarwal last week. We spent well over two hours with him, discussing my son’s current condition in detail, as well as his entire medical history, previous treatments, and their outcomes. There was no waiting and no rush. Dr. Agarwal listened attentively, spoke clearly and precisely, and explained to us the specific remedies that he has prescribed, how to deliver them, and how to monitor progress. We’ve started the treatment and have already booked a follow-up visit.
  • Dr. Agarwal was very thorough and great attention to detail.  Spent a lot of quality time understanding and concluding his diagnosis.
  • I am very glad that we had Dr. Kishan Agarwal so near to my home.  He is one of the best doctors ever visited so far.  He was very calm and focused on getting all the details, which would help in recommending the right remedies.  The entire session with him was very comfortable and induced a lot of positive thoughts on the recovery.
  • We saw Dr. Agarwal for my daughter. Very detailed evaluation and explanation of her diagnosis. Finally, we met a Dr. who is actually interested in listening. We were very satisfied with our first visit which lasted about 3 hrs. We have a follow up in two months hope to see some results.
  • I have been very satisfied with my first visit to the doctors. Doctor Agarwal is very detailed oriented and helped us all through the first visit to understand our concerns and what we really need for our child. He is very focussed and makes every effort to provide the best care and resolution. I continue to hope and feel confident that he will resolve our health concerns with his immense experience and passion for patient care.
  • We visited Dr. Agarwal on Monday for my son. He is very prompt. He saw us on scheduled time. He is very compassionate, kind and spends lot of time to know about patient and alignment and what has caused it. He is very knowledgeable. Very caring doctor hard to find these days. He almost spent four and half hours talking to us about it before prescribing remedy. Very focused, listens carefully and makes lot of notes. We just started the medication and hope it works.
  • I have been getting treatment for my Crohn’s Disease from Dr. Agarwal almost 1+ years. Each visit he will give enough time to listen and do a detailed evaluation of my ongoing symptoms/improvements and educating me about my healing process just like how he did in my first visit.  In allopathic medicine, 10+years I did what Dr. asked me to do still no improvement instead it put me weak, and even went very close to surgery because of my narrow colon and strictures.  But with Homeopathic treatment, within a month I started seeing improvement and getting better with Crohn’s and with my strictures.  Each visit, after a detailed evaluation, he will change my remedies based on my current needs/situation.  This helps addressing all my on-going and new symptoms. I am glad I met Dr. Agarwal; with his wide area expertise and knowledge helped me and put me in track with my healing process.  I am super confident, will be coming out of Crohn’s Disease soon.
  • The visit was amazing he was very nice and gave us amazing advice.
  • I took my son to Dr. Agarwal.  He is very professional and thorough.  He asked us many questions and listened to our concerns carefully and did not rush at all.  He gave medication to our son and we have a follow-up visit in two months.  Thank you, Dr. Agarwal.
  • The doctor spent nearly 3 hours assessing my son’s past history and asking questions about his current problem.  He is very detailed, compassionate, and very transparent about the treatment.  He doesn’t give false hope; if there are things that he cannot help with, he says that right away.  Excellent service
  • I found Dr. Agarwal through Google search and got a quick appointment for my daughter’s eczema condition. The first visit was very fulfilling as he gave an ear to hear. We have just started on the treatment and feeling hopeful.
    I will share feedback after 2nd visit again.
  • We met Dr. Agarwal first time for my daughter’s very bad eczema.  He took 2-3 hours to discuss her problem and listened every small thing very carefully.  We are using his remedy for a week now and found significant improvement in her problem.  Will update her progress.
  • Dr. Kishan has been treating for constipation problem. The treatment has been very effective. Dr. Kishan is very compassionate and caring. He spends a lot of time with the patients to understand the problem and provide treatment. We highly recommend him.
  • Visited doctor Agarwal to consult homeopathic treatment for my son.  Very happy with the visit. There was no wait time and Dr. Agarwal patiently conducted the diagnosis for my son.  I had a very very positive overall experience speaking to Dr. Agarwal and booked a return visit as well. We have started the treatment – however it is too early to comment on the health improvement.
  • Review about first consultation: I liked the way he listens and spends time with his patients. He took like 2-3 hours time to discuss medical history or my son before giving medicines. We just started with his medicines and I really hope my son benefits from them(he gave us 3 months dose to start with), Will probably revisit this review once I see the benefits of the medicine which at this point I am confident in.
  • We visited Dr. Agarwal about 2 weeks back. Our initial consultation was about 3 hours. The doctor was very thorough and asked us to list chronologically about the symptoms starting from the first time we noticed, medicines taken, results from the medication, impact from weather to the last used medication. He was extremely patient in answering our questions and explained the dosage, do & don’ts with homeopathic therapies and how to monitor progress. I recommend Dr. Agarwal to anyone who is seeking homeopathic remedies.
  • We are glad that we had a chance to meet Dr. Agarwal. What an experience it was!!! Our experience was awesome. Dr. spent almost more than an hour in understanding current issues, symptoms and explaining how Homeopathic treatment works and how it will help. Also, his vision and advice on getting on track my simply eliminating simple mistakes we do on our daily routine were amazing. We are feeling comfortable my kid’s symptoms will reduce over a period. We visited Dr Agarwal on Monday 22nd ,2019 … Dr Agarwal listened , informed and advised us on issue we visited …. We agreed to start his remedy …. I will provide more details after 3 months after few rounds of treatment …..Overall we are very happy with him ……Thx
  • We met Dr. Agarwal today and he is very compassionate and super diligent. Really admire his greatness and accomplishments. I am super confident that my son will be able to overcome his problem.
  • Dr. Aggarwal has been phenomenal in improving my son’s recurring wheezing episodes and eczema flare-ups with his treatment.
  • This is our first visit. Dr. Agarwal was very professional. He started expectations. I liked his way to talk with patients and parent to get to know the root cause of the problem and the attitude of patient and parent towards it. Very few doctors have this right quality and it is very good. He talked about symptoms, disease , how medicine works, Do’s and Dont’s while taking pills, food habits, expectations, and so on… He answered all my questions that I had. I would highly recommend him.
  • Our friend recommended Dr. Agarwal for our son. He was very thorough and patient in collecting all the necessary information regarding my son’s condition. He explained to us about homeopathic remedies and what to look out for regarding any improvements from treatment. He spent almost 3 hours on our first visit. He was friendly with my son and made him feel at ease. We are so happy to have found him. He answers all the calls personally and keeps excellent records of all the details.Dr. Aggarwal has been phenomenal in improving my son’s recurring wheezing episodes and eczema flare-ups with his treatment.
  • Very nice doctor…listens to everything very carefully and explains very elaborately…very particular, organized and sincere doctor. Very trustworthy.
  • We visited Dr. Agarwal for our son’s Psoriasis consultation. He visited us right on time. He thoroughly explained us about the Homeopathy remedies. He was very patient and collected complete history of our son from birth till present. The consultation lasted almost 3 hours. We were referred to Dr. Agarwal through a friend who had good results for their son’s Psoriasis through Homeopathy remedies.
  • Excellent physician, caring, and knowledgeable and thinks outside the box!
  • I have been visiting Dr. Agarwal for past almost 2 years.  He is very patient, detail-oriented, and thorough in his consultation.  His way of treatment and medication prescription is very elaborate unlike other homeopathic doctors we have visited.  He was very helpful in treating symptoms for my son who is on Autism Spectrum.  He is very sincere and honest in his approach and never scares you or forces you to stay with him. I am glad we are with him.
  • Dr. Agarwal is a God send for skin issues for which allopathic medicine has no remedies. He is very caring and keen on treating the condition.
  • He saw us exactly on time, greeted us well, spent more than expected time with us and explained everything in easy to understand words. I took treatment from several homeopaths in the past but Dr. Agarwal is the best so far. His extensive medical background about the subject matter really helps. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking homeopathic help.
  • We are very much satisfied with treatment that Dr. Kishan has provided for our son for the constipation problems he has been suffering for years. Dr. Kishan is highly knowledgeable, caring and understands the problem in detail. Overall we are happy with the progress in our son’s treatment. Happy to recommend to others.
  • My son has had wheezing issues since he was a preschooler. He also suffers from allergies. He has been under Dr. Aggarwal’s treatment for the last six months and he has a major improvement in his wheezing episodes. Even his environmental allergies are getting better with his medication. I cannot thank Dr. Aggarwal enough to take time to understand his situation and helping him with his homeopathic remedies.
  • We went to Dr. Agarwal for my daughter’s Asthma and vomiting issues, I see lot of development in my daughter’s health after homeopathy treatment from Dr. Agarwal. Dr. Agarwal is amazing, knowledgeable and detail oriented.
  • Dr. Aggarwal has helped us treat my son’s recurring skin infections for which allopathy had no answers. We are also working on treating my sons Asthma and so far the results are satisfactory. I am very happy with the progress we have made so far.
  • We have consulted Dr.Agarwal’s office for treatment of my son’s autism related symptoms. After we started the treatment,we had seen great improvements and after few years , in most of the cases, the symptoms have been faded/totally gone. He is now attending regular school in India and often meeting the expectations. Thank you very much Dr.Agarwal.
  • Dr. Agarwal is amazing.  He is very detailed oriented and truly interested in his patients’ wellness.  We are very happy with his service.  He has helped our son on many medical issues.  He spends quality time with our son which seems like a very rare thing these days with medical doctor.  I highly recommend him.
  • Dr. Kishan Agarwal is very detail oriented, knowledgeable and very professional. We had reached out to him for homeopathic treatment for my son. We have seen good improvement in my son’s symptoms after we started treatment and plan on continuing treatment until he is symptom free. Thank you so much Dr. Agarwal.
  • We have been coming to see Dr. Agarwal for many years. He has successfully treated my son’s eczema and skin rashes that no other treatment could resolve. He has treated my first one as well as my wife, and I am so impressed I recently signed up to get treated for a chronic condition. He is very courteous, detail oriented, and spends quality time with you to thoroughly understand the problem and give the medicines.
  • I have a very good experience with homeopathy medicine and Dr. Agarwal.  My son was almost non-verbal but homeopathy helped him recover.  He is verbal now and speaks everything.  He was also not toilet trained till 3 1/2 years.  But once I started this medicine he was trained within 6 months.  Now he is 7 and the school is to transition him in smaller groups few hours a day.  It’s really great to have a doctor like Mr. Agarwal.
    Thanks for everything.
  • Dr. Agarwal is a God send for skin issues for which allopathic medicine has no remedies. He is very caring and keen on treating the condition.
  • My 5 year old son was getting asthma every few weeks and constantly on inhaler. This doctor’s medicines cured it all in 4-5 months. He is off all inhalers and other stuff his lung specialist gave us. Thanks to homeopathy.
  • Dr. Agarwal is a Saviour for our family.  My son was diagnosed with psoriasis at a young age of 4 , went to so many dermatologists but the only options for us was to use long term steroids.  I came to know about him through a mutual friend when my son was 5; he treated him and within 6 months 90% of his rash disappeared.  My son is now 13 and still doing very well, thanks to Dr. Agarwal.  He has asthma since he was few months old and used to be sick so often, he is doing much better and hardly has to take asthma meds now.  I particularly like him due to his medical background; he is very knowledgeable and thorough with the history and spends a lot of time with the patient.  Homeopathic medications did what allopathic medications could not!
  • With highest Post-Graduate Qualifications from three different continents in Musculo-skeletal system and knowing all top orthopods in this world, I did not know what to do with my joint pains and your treatment has helped me.  May God bless you and keep you healthy for long time as I know He wants you to continue this service work.
  • My son, three and a half-year-old, was going through the recurring episodes of cold, running nose and had led to enlarged tonsils. We have been consulting with the doctor for 10 months now and my son has improved a lot since then. Doc is very knowledgeable, thorough in treatment and tracks progress in great detail. Overall 5-star doc in the homeopathy.
  • Great doctor and homeopath for kids. Nice human being. Very helpful.
  • Doctor’s homeopathy treatment was really helpful for my son’s recurring severe cold. Highly recommend.
  • Dr. Agrawal is wonderful! He is super knowledgeable and very kind. He has helped my son with asthma, fluid in the middle ear and various issues that western medicine wasn’t able to help with.
  • Dr. Agarwal is amazing! He is very smart, helpful and kind. My daughter was 7 years old when we first visited the doctor with multiple problems and now at 15, she is perfectly fine. He was able to give us a life-changing experience and support. Dr. Agarwal’s remedies are really helpful and most importantly, have no side-effects.
  • A very good homeo doc. He helped my four year old who was having frequent asthma episodes. We were very concerned about giving steroid and Singulair. She had no more wheezing since we started homeopathic treatment 6 months ago and have not used any other medicines.
  • He is excellent at what he works…I’m very happy with his treatment and results.
  • Dr. Agrawal is AMAZING. He is super knowledgeable and very kind. He helped us tremendously with our sons speech delay problem. We started seeing him in June and in just about 5 months we have seen a huge difference. We are truly grateful for all his guidance.
  • We went to Dr. Agarwal, after exploring all possible allopathic options with best docs in area, for my son possible allergic rash. He for sure delivers more than he promises. In first three months, my son showed a lot of improvement. I am still continuing the medication till he fully recovers. I would recommend him to anyone who is struggling with anything, for which allopathic medicine has no answer except steroids.
  • Dr. Agarwal does amazing work – he is able to address and cure medical issues that western medicine cannot resolve! Also, it feels great to know we are receiving treatments that are without side effects and chemicals. On top of it all, Dr. Agarwal’s office is always prompt and courteous and great with following up. We can feel he genuinely cares about his patients and his primary concern is making sure we get better!
  • I have been suffering from ulcerative colitis for nearly 15 years and, before starting homeopathic treatment, I had taken lot of Prednisone, Azulfidine and Asacol and whatever else my GI doctor prescribed with only partial relief and multiple flare ups. I could not eat anything but bland food. Flare ups were very disturbing to say the least. The next thing my GI told me was that I need to go on Immunosuppressant drugs that is when I found Dr. Agarwal on line. I was particularly interested in him because his medical background. I have been taking homeopathic treatment for some time now and to my surprise (I must admit that I was hesitant about homeopathic treatment), I have the best control of all my colitis symptoms in many years. I am now able to eat normal foods although I still avoid spicy foods. The great thing is that since I started homeopathic treatment, not only I was told that I did not need Immunosuppressant medicines based upon my symptom control and repeat colonoscopy, but I have been able to reduce my Prednisone from 40 mg/day to mere 2 mg/day. Thanks to homeopathic treatment, and thanks to Mr. Google for finding this great doctor for me. He is the best although I had to wait few months to get an appointment for my initial visit. SP
  • For over 1 year, my 6-year old was having frequent cold, excessive mucus, bad cough, and wheezing just about every 2-3 weeks since she started kindergarten. She was getting sick despite her pediatrician and allergy docs treating her with Antibiotics, Albuterol, Zyrtec, Nasonex, Singulair and inhaled steroid as they diagnosed her as an asthmatic child. Then, I found this doctor and decided to try homeopathic treatment. I was bit skeptical as some people on-line said it is nothing but sugar pills. To my big surprise, even at first follow up visit 3 months later, she did remarkably well; I even stopped all her inhalers and allergy medicines soon after starting homeopathy medicines. It is now more than 1 year and she has not had any wheezing – not even once since starting this new treatment and we have not needed to see her pediatrician or the allergy doc for any sick visits either! No missing school days either. Thanks to homeopathy – no more skepticism.
  • Dr Agrawal is wonderful! He is super knowledgeable and very kind. He has helped my son with asthma, fluid in the middle ear and various issues that western medicine wasn’t able to help with.
  • Excellent investigative approach to determine the root cause. Even during the discussion, we realized a lot of things, and potentially the root cause of our issue because of the thoroughness of the questions, and the discussion based approach. Dr. Agarwal spent close to 3 hours discussing every aspect of the problem to the minutest detail, in an effort to understand it holistically.
  • Dr. Agarwal is amazing! He is very smart, helpful and kind. My daughter was 7 years old when we first visited the doctor with multiple problems and now at 15, she is perfectly fine. He was able to give us a life-changing experience and support. Dr. Agarwal’s remedies are really helpful and most importantly, have no side-effects.
  • Very thoughtful, smart homeopathy doctor. I was suffering from chronic stomach pain almost 10+ years. With allopathic remedies, my symptom got little better with over 10+ other side-effect. When I start looking for alternate treatment, that’s when I came to know about Dr. Kishan Agarwal, he is the best thing that happens in my pursuit of better health. He gave enough time to listen and make me understanding and diagnosis my situation correctly and gave me the very effective treatment that put me back to lead my normal life and solved my problem one by one. I am really I looked for alternative treatment with his consultation my making lots of progress that I couldn’t get last 10+ years of allopathic treatment. He is the best doctor very honest and skilled doctor to my treat my illness.
  • I took my son to him for enlarged adenoid and fluid in the middle ear with hearing loss. The ENT doctor advised us to get adenoids removed and ear tubes put in but we decided to try homeopathy. Within 3 months the fluid decreased, his hearing improved on hearing test, and snoring nearly gone. After another 3 to 4 months, ENT doc told us my son no longer needed any operation as the fluid was all gone and hearing audiogram became normal. We are still continuing treatment and will report progess later . Thanks to homeopathy.
  • Dr. Agarwal is very knowledgeable and takes time and patience to evaluate the case thoroughly.
  • We are very glad we met Dr. Agarwal. He is very patient and tries to get down to the bottom of the issue. He spends a lot of time trying to understand the problem. He is excellent.
  • Dr. Kishan Agarwal was highly professional. He lent us his patient ears. The beginning has been good. Pray that end is better.
  • I have been having gastric problem for years and tried all allopathic medicine but I didn’t have much improvement. After visiting Dr. Agarwal I started noticing improvement. Now I am feeling much better.
  • Dr. Agarwal was very clear, to the point, and spent a lot of time to understand my daughter’s case. Very kind, considerate and quick and intelligent in understanding and getting to the core of the problem. I haven’t seen any Doctor so punctual and follows up on the patients.
  • Dr. Agarwal is very analytic and methodical in his approach. We took our son to see Dr. Agarwal for his developmental delays (PDD-NOS) and we are seeing amazing improvements in his speech, language, cognitive abilities and gross motor abilities in a short span of 4 months. Dr. Agarwal tells you upfront that if there is no improvement even after 3 months, he will be the first to stop further treatment. He spent close to 4 hours with us on our first appt and we have never been to a doctor who is this dedicated and committed. We would highly recommend Dr. Agarwal to anyone. There are many doctors out there who over promise and never deliver, but here is a doctor who under promises and over delivers every time!
  • I have taken my son to Dr. Agarwal when he was 6 years old for Asthma treatment. With homeopathic treatment his eczema improved within few months and also asthma. When I was using all the regular medicines, asthma used to occur quiet often. My son used to miss school and activities. Due to homeopathic medicine, my son can do all the regular activities and hardly missing school. Dr. Agarwal will let you know whether he can treat you or not and when you don’t need it. He is not after money. He is one of the most caring, concerned, informative, educational doctor that I know of. I highly would recommend Dr. Agarwal. I have recommended him to so many of our friends. Now I am going for second child with him for sore throat. I am hoping to have positive results.
  • A very good homeopathic doctor in all parameters. I had to wait nearly 2 months to get an appointment but the wait was worth rather than going to some other doctor. The process of making an actual appointment was easy. May God bless him.
  • We consulted Dr. Agarwal for ear infections of our son. He was catching cold and getting ear infections frequently. The antibiotics and allopathic treatment was not working so we decided to go for homeopathy treatment and thus took Dr. Agarwal’s appointment. In our first visit, he asked us every minute detail about our son’s medical history right from birth until the day of our visit. I am glad to say that after starting his treatment, our son is doing much better. Thank you Dr. Agarwal.
  • I went by him for my daughter for skin & bedwetting problem. He spends time with patient. Within one month we saw remarkable improvement.
  • My son was suffering from severe eczema. He used to scratch till he bled. No medication was helping him be it steroid creams, prescription moisturizer, Zyrtec, Benadryl etc. I am happy to say that after starting treatment with Dr. Agarwal, his eczema is almost clear; he no longer itches and is happy. I’ll recommend Dr. Agarwal to anyone.
  • Getting to meet Dr. Agarwal was a very very pleasant experience. He really gets to the root cause of the problem no matter how much time it takes. Currently my son, daughter and myself are taking treatments from him for different issues. My daughter’s skin condition was chronic for 2 years and his medication showed difference in 10 days. My son had persistent problems of runny nose and fever every 15 days which stopped after 3 weeks of treatment. He also miraculously treated my daughter’s bronchitis and asthma with mere 3 days of medication when other doctors gave and advised to hospitalize her. I can’t stop praising Dr. Agarwal and his knowledge. He reminds me of my father who is very disciplined yet loving person. God bless him.
  • Both myself and my wife have been seeing Dr. Agarwal. He is very knowledgeable and professional in his dealings. He takes time to understand and talk to patients regarding the problems and explains very clearly the various aspects of the symptoms and the proposed treatment. The personal touch gives a lot a confidence and makes one feel at home. The scheduling and follow up system is also very efficient.
  • Our experience with Dr. Agarwal has been wonderful. He has been insightful, patient as well as being very professional with us. I would without hesitation recommend him.
  • Dr. Kishan is a fantastic doctor. My kid -3 year old was diagnosed with sensory integration issues and psychological issues. No allopathy or psychiatric therapies gave as much effect as Dr. Kishan’s homeopathy treatment. I am continuing to see the benefits of it. I would recommend him to anyone.
  • It is rare to find a doctor who takes time to show how much he cares. God bless him.
  • Dr. Kishan Agarwal was highly professional. He had time and patience to hear out our issues. Never seemed to be rushing into things. Our meeting lasted close to 2 hours.
  • Very good homeopathy doctor, very friendly, excellent bed side manners. He answered all my questions very clearly…
  • Each and every comment about Dr. Agarwal mentioned here is so true. He seems to be more interested in patients’ conditions rather than the money and time unlike other doctors. I like his approach to help patients’ conditions and how deep he gets into details to understand the root cause. I have started to get treatment from him for my ulcerative colitis symptoms. It has been only 2 visits now and I almost forgot that I am an ulcerative colitis patient as I got all my symptoms under my control. I got my life back.
    Thank you Dr. Agarwal.
  • I am glad I found a Homeopath Doctor in US. He took 3 hours to go through the case and he is knowledgeable, I’m waiting to see how the results will be with homeopathic medication.
  • Dr. Agarwal was very clear, to the point, and gave me a lot of time to understand my daughter’s case. He was very very considerate to my three year old by taking care that she was comfortable. This shows the personality of the doctor. Very kind, considerate, and quick & intelligent in understanding and getting to the core of the problem.
  • Dr. Agarwal is very analytical and methodical in his approach. We took our son to see Dr. Agarwal for his developmental delays (PDD-NOS) and we are seeing amazing improvements in his speech, language, cognitive abilities, and gross motor abilities in a short span of 4 months. Dr. Agarwal tells you upfront that if there is no improvement even after 3 months, he will be the first to stop further treatment. He spent close to 4 hours with us on our first appt and we have never been to a doctor who is this dedicated and committed. We would highly recommend Dr. Agarwal to anyone. There are many doctors out there who over promise and never deliver, but here is a doctor who under promises and over delivers every time!
  • I am very much satisfied with the services from Dr. Kishan C. Agarwal. He is really very great Homeopathic Physician. I observed very positive results from treatment to my son. I strongly recommend him for the treatment of Chronic diseases. The doctor is more helpful, listens to your problems very patiently, knowledgeable and respectful.
  • I went to this doctor for my 3 year old son who has been having frequent colds and ear infections and often wheezing since I sent him to daycare. He had been on antibiotics on and off for the past 10 months and the ENT doctor recommended putting ear tubes soon. We gave him homeopathic treatment for about 4 months now and he did not have any more episodes of ear infection nor wheezing. So far so good; I hope it keeps him out of trouble. Very good doctor in all aspects but difficult to get an appointment if you are a new patient.
  • Excellent Alternative Medicine doctor who is very knowledgeable, thorough, professional yet friendly. Helped my son with chronic urticaria after all allopathic medicines failed.
  • He’s one of the best homeopaths around and has helped my son tremendously. I highly recommend him, very knowledgeable.
  • Very knowledgeable and takes time to understand patient issues. Clearly explains the stages of treatment, symptoms, etc…
  • Dr. Agarwal is a very thorough and insightful doctor. He spent close to 3 hours with us and obtained a comprehensive history and did a thorough exam. It’s a refreshing change to the world of medicine that we all know where a doctor spends no more than 5-10 minutes with you before prescribing the medicine. My son had recurrent ear infection and was due for surgery to have tubes and adenoids out. Even as a nurse, I was apprehensive about surgery. I know it cures about 90% of chronic ear infections but I didn’t want to go that route yet. He started his homeopathic remedies in mid-January and has been free of ear infections since. Thank you Dr. Agarwal.
  • Great experience with Dr. Agarwal. Overall very helpful and insightful with our son. Will recommend him without hesitation.
  • Best doctor I have ever visited. Very friendly and easy going. He answered all my questions very clearly without any feeling of being rushed out.
  • A very good doctor in all aspects. Excellent bedside manner, compassionate, helpful physician.
  • It is rare to find a doctor who takes time to show how much he cares. God bless him.
  • Very Good Homeopathic Doctor, and especially all the parents who have kids with eczema should try his medicine.
  • A very good doctor in all parameters. Very through, caring, gentle, excellent bedside manners, listens sitting down looking at me, answers to all my questions, easily available on phone.
  • Dear Dr. Agarwal,We take this opportunity to thank you for providing care for our daughter. It has been extremely helpful to boost up her immunity through the homeopathic treatment and overcome the frequent illness she was suffering from.  At first we were doubtful whether it will work or not; but, your step by step approach to identify the root cause and eliminate the same gave us the confidence.  I sincerely appreciate your time and help.  I hope that in future we will be able to avail the opportunity to consult you for any additional treatment.  I wish homeopathic treatment gets more recognition and acceptance by the wider community so that the benefits can be shared by every person suffering from illnesses not easily cured by the conventional treatments.Many thanks again,
  • I have been using homeopathic therapies for the past 10 years.  I turned to homeopathy mainly because I had poor results with conventional therapy and was concerned with some of the side effects of more aggressive treatments.  I was initially skeptical of how these little white pills could cure something that other medications could not but I decided that I had nothing to lose. I initially started treatment for seasonal allergy symptoms of runny nose, unstoppable sneezing, and shortness of breath with cough.  I had previously tried several different antihistamines, nose sprays, eye drops, and even allergy shots without much relief.  The doctor was very patient and took a thorough history focusing on each symptom I had.  He explained that although two people may have the same diagnosis, their symptoms affecting them may be different and homeopathy focuses on individualizing the treatment for each patient-it’s not “one size fits all”.  Miraculously, after only a few doses I had complete relief of all my symptoms.  The chronic hacking cough which I had for several months resolved after just a few days of treatment.  I continued the treatment throughout the year on a weekly basis which overall reduced my symptoms for the following year.  I continue to be amazed at the results I have had for various other conditions including the common cold, traveler’s diarrhea, and acne. The treatments are gentle with no side effects. I would recommend homeopathy to anyone looking for safe, natural, and effective treatment.S.A.
    A medical doctor.
  • Dear Dr. Agarwal, My daughter was having asthma like symptoms beginning in July of 2009.  She was wheezing, coughing, and having difficulty breathing for many months. She was also diagnosed with sinusitis.  She went back and forth to several different doctors – from her pediatrician to various specialists.  She was placed on an inhaler twice a day, along with oral steroids and long courses of antibiotics.  Nothing helped. I was desperate to get to the bottom of her condition, and didn’t want to just treat her symptoms.  That’s when I came to you.  After 2 visits with you and 2 different homeopathic remedies, I am beyond happy to report that (let me knock on wood) ALL of her symptoms – the cough (which wouldn’t go away at all), the wheezing, and the sinusitis, are completely gone. Her health seems to be back to “normal.”  By the way, my husband and I decided to take her off of her inhaler somewhere in the middle of the homeopathic treatment, against the advice of her respiratory doctor.  She has been off of it now for 5 months, without any symptoms of wheezing, etc.  She is doing better than ever. I hope that we don’t have to visit you in the future, but we most certainly will if the need arises. We will also refer you to our friends. Thank you so much for your help, for your patience and your ability and willingness to actually sit and listen to our story in detail, so that you were able to effectively help my daughter heal (a rarity in today’s world, I must say!).  Best regards,
  • Homeopathy has helped my son’s quality of life.  He started Homeopathic treatment when we didn’t know what else to do with his severe eczema and allergies.  We met this wonderful doctor who is a godsend and has treated my son in a great way.  My son still visits him and that’s a great mental relief for us that he is getting treated by one of the best…My son had very bad eczema when he was 10 months old and allopathic doctors would just put him on steroids and oral antihistamines that used to help a little but the outcome was worse.  When we got him to Dr. Agarwal’s office he was squirming all over because of his condition.  No one can tell this beautiful boy we see now went through so much and it is due to the wonderful homeopathic treatment.  There was a time when we had to hold both his hands in sleep for days and months to prevent him from itching and waking with bleeding skin which would end up with chronic lesions and staph infection.  He would wear gloves till he was 4 year old due to the rashes and infection he would get between his fingers; we noticed a tremendous difference in his skin immediately and gradually in many parts.  What we love most about Homeopathy is that it has no side effects and it treats each and every symptom. He had really bad rashes on his face, hands, fingers, body and legs.  He would get bumps with grass pollen and Dr. Agarwal is so kind to help him the best.  Moreover, homeopathy treats you internally – from the inside out which is very important. My son is now 6 years old and has only very mild eczema and allergies left.  I can’t wonder but think what I would have done if this option wasn’t available.  It has changed our lives for the better.  It is a slow process but definitely worth it.
  • My Experience With Homeopathy:Thank you so much for helping me when nothing else helped.  Prior to treatment, I was experiencing joint pain throughout the body mostly in the shoulders, knees, and wrists. Shoulder pain was present for more than one year before beginning treatment and knee pain was present for five months before treatment. Orthopedists found no structural problems on the x-rays and the recommended physical therapy and pain killers provided little relief.  After beginning treatment with homeopathic remedies, knee pain stopped after one month and shoulder pain subsided within only two months.  Two or three months after that, wrist pain began to disappear.  Because of the homeopathic remedies, I am able to play sports with my friends and play the piano without being in pain. In addition to joint pain relief, my energy level increased dramatically and my quality of sleep is much improved.Sincerely,
  • I want to thank you for helping my son. Before we came to you, he was having constant gas and colic problem that made him irritable whole day; also, he could not sleep well at night for months. Burping, keeping him sitting for nearly an hour after feeds, Mylicon, and some other medicines his pediatrician gave did not help much at all. With homeopathic remedy you gave, within few days, he changed from a crying, irritable baby to a happy little guy. And, now we are also getting good sleep at night.  I wish we found you sooner.Thank you again for all your help. D.A.
  • My experience with homeopathy:I was suffering from severe mitral regurgitation since my early childhood and recently underwent open heart surgery at 52 years of age.  After the operation, I had frozen shoulders, and every little movement of the body, including breathing, was very painful, restless and sleepless.  I started homeopathic medicines 3 days after the operation when none of the allopathic medicines were helping much.  The remedies helped me a lot in recovering at a much faster rate than expected.  Even my heart surgeon was surprised the way my incision/wound healed so well and quick.  The doctor’s time to time consultation and advice was of immense benefit.  I very much appreciate the help homeopathy has given me.Thanking you.
    Sharad A.