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  • History: Five-year-old youngster, 6 months history of generalized blotchy erythematous rash with itching mostly noted after warm shower, strenuous play activities, warm covers at night, while sitting/playing in sunny area. Rash resolves spontaneously after few hours and faster if taken Benadryl but recurs whenever body gets exposed to warmth. No history of anaphylactic symptoms. Previous allergy testing negative for tested food and environmental allergens. No drug intake. No pets, cockroaches or dust mite situation (5905293).
    Examination: Mild generalized erythema with many pin-point eruptions scattered all over body (worse on chest and back) on normal looking, non-eczematous, skin following a bath taken an hour ago.Assessment: Possible HEAT-INDUCED URTICARIA with only partial and temporary response to Benadryl.

    Treatment: Single homeopathic remedy given twice a week. Within 2 months the rash and itching gradually subsided with no recurrence despite strenuous activities or warm shower. Remedy decreased to once a week for next 2 months that kept his symptoms fully controlled.

    Plan: Will discontinue remedy after 2-3 months (030511).

  • 53-year-old physician with a history of chronic EPICONDYLITIS (Tennis elbow) for several months, having recurrent pain (worse with movements at elbow and hand) despite steroid injections and anti-inflammatory medications.  Cured after 2 weeks of treatment.Comments:  No recurrence as of 2 years after completing the homeopathic treatment.
  • 50-year-old professional female with a few days history of shoulder pain diagnosed as SHOULDER TENDONITIS cured of pain and discomfort within 2 days of homeopathic treatment.Comments:  No recurrence as of 1 year following the treatment.
  • 51-year-old doctor with 30-year history of LEG CRAMPS with excruciating pain and spasm of calf and foot muscles in the middle of sound sleep, worse during winter season.  No conventional medicines helped.  Treated with homeopathic remedy, cured within 2 months.Comments:  Had no recurrence for the past 6 years after discontinuation of treatment – used to have several episodes a month for years (0808).
  • Elderly professional with 3-4 year history of unexplained BURNING IN FEET every evening and at night disturbing the sleep.  Had multiple back operations.  Consulted several neurologists, found to have no sensory deficit, and was told to “live with the burning” since no cause or explanation was found, and no treatment was available.Comments:  Burning resolved completely after 2 months of treatment and recurred only occasionally as of 3 years following the treatment (0306).
  • Young female in her twenties with 2-year history of CONSTIPATION and hemorrhoids consulted gastroenterologist as well as rectal surgeon, tried all laxatives and hemorrhoid medications with no lasting relief.  Cured of all symptoms within 10 days of starting homeopathic remedy.
  • College bound young adult with 2-year history of ANXIETY, and its effects on his daily life as well as his studies, felt much better after 2 months of treatment.
  • Young adult complaining of severe itching all over body especially so on large, blotchy, raised, progressive, urticarial rashes (HIVES) and swollen, painful knee joint (SYNOVITIS) for 3 days before seeking treatment.  Unable to work or sleep due to constant itching.  History of exposure to a new fabric softener used for laundry in the dryer.  Within 2 hours of using 2 doses of homeopathic remedy, urticarial lesions nearly 80% gone and itching was all gone.  Her knee symptoms subsided over next 3 days with full ambulation (03203165).
  • Within 12 hour of illness, a primary school youngster with FOOD POISONING became moderately dehydrated, listless, very weak, and exhausted from severe diarrhea and vomiting almost every hour after eating outside food the night before.  Given homeopathic remedy every 30 minutes for 4 doses and then every 2 hour.Comments:  Did not vomit or had diarrhea even once since after the first dose of remedy was given.  Felt well, was up and about, and drinking well within 2 hours, and ate well after 6 hours of such an acute illness.
  • An otherwise healthy, not too old, professional developed ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION for no obvious reason.  Consulted urologist, internist, neurologist, and orthopedist; all tests came back negative, was diagnosed as “Nothing wrong – all in the head”.  Viagra gave more side effects than help.Comments:  Responded to homeopathic remedy within one month, and had nearly 70% improvement after 2 months of treatment.
  • An elderly man with a history of unexplained MYALGIA involving thigh muscles for several months especially bothersome at night disturbing sleep.  Responded within 2 weeks of treatment with complete relief of his symptom.Comments:  No recurrence described as of 6 months following the treatment.
  • Young female with a history of RECURRENT STYE worse since childbirth.  Episodes associated with marked swelling, pustule formation, redness, and pain at the lid margin, and mostly occurred during pre-menstrual period.  No explanation or treatment received for recurrence of stye; used warm soaks and antibiotic during each episode.  Also had history of postpartum mastitis and skin boils.  Had significant improvement with no further stye after 2 months of treatment (4104213).Comments:  No recurrence described as of 12 months following the treatment.
  • Past middle-age adult having difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, exertional dyspnea, chest soreness, fatigue, and other symptoms for 6 months was diagnosed to have pulmonary SARCOIDOSIS.  Had partial improvement from steroids and bronchodilator; discontinued steroids due to undesirable side effects.  Had nearly 80-90% improvement in all respiratory symptoms within 2 weeks after taking homeopathic remedy (6104233).Comments:  Had only occasional, mild, self-resolving respiratory symptoms while continuing homeopathic treatment for over 3 months.
  • A college student having hair loss for several years without any other medical condition or local lesions (such as Dandruff, etc) sought homeopathic treatment.  Within a month of taking the remedy, noticed definite decrease in HAIR LOSS (00205236).Comments:  No further hair loss despite discontinuation of treatment for over 3 months (0306).
  • Almost 70-year old lady with heel pain only when walking for the past 6 years did not get lasting relief despite several cortisone injections for her CALCANEAL SPURS.  Neither did acupuncture, physiotherapy or strong pain killer provide much help.  The pain became rather constant for about 6 months prior to her seeking homeopathic treatment.  In addition, she was diagnosed having BURSITIS of left shoulder for many years with pain worse on raising the arm.  Her heel pain was completely gone and bursitis pain nearly 80% improved after 2 months of treatment with a single homeopathic remedy (09005243.Comments:  As of 12 months after discontinuation of remedy, heel pain did not recur; shoulder bursitis pain also did not recur and all movements were normal (0306).
  • A sophomore in college had FACIAL ACNE for over 6 years since menarche.  First started on forehead and then involved her cheeks.  Tried several allopathic lotions, wash, and antibiotics with no lasting benefit or cure.  Healed acne left brown spots on the face.  Also had mild dandruff problem for several years.  First used homeopathic combination remedy that did not help.  Was treated with single remedy chosen based upon homeopathic principles to which she responded very well.  Within 3 months, all her pimples were gone; in addition, dandruff and slight hair loss problem were also resolved (00704179).Comments:  Had been off medicine for over 4 years without any recurrence of acne or dandruff (0808).
  • 4-year-old youngster with a history of recurrent, UNEXPLAINED EYELID SWELLING just about every 2 months for over 4 years.  Associated symptoms included slight erythema of eyelids, itching and mild discomfort from heaviness of the lids; the swelling of eyelids often resulted in marked puffiness with inability to open the eyes.  No associated other eye symptoms, known allergies or systemic illness.  Allergist prescribed Claritin/Zyrtec which did not prevent episodes despite daily intake; Benadryl sometimes helped the swelling a little but did not shorten the duration of episode which usually resolved over 3-4 days.On 4th days of starting homeopathic remedy, patient developed another episode of eyelid swelling but much milder than usual and disappeared only after 1 day.  No Benadryl was given.  The homeopathic remedy was stopped after 1 month (6305297).Comments:  No recurrence of episodic eyelid swelling 3 months later despite discontinuation of all medication (030306).
  • A teenager with PIMPLES for 3-4 years primarily involving forehead, top and sides of nose, and chin with small, pus filled, whitehead lesions.  Also had many dark spots from old, healed pimples.  After 3 months on homeopathic remedies, all her pimples cleared up, and no new pimples were noted.  Within 6 months, old spots also disappeared (00304175).Comments:  Four years following completion of treatment, has had no recurrence of acne (0808).
  • Young infant came for homeopathic treatment of CHALAZION with crusty lid margin of 6 month duration.  Eye doctor advised surgical drainage under general anesthesia after warm soaks failed to resolve it.  No other medical problems were described.  Within a month after homeopathic remedy was given, the chalazion disappeared with normal looking lid and the margin without any further nodular appearance or the crusting.
  • A young child had multiple WARTS on UPPER LIP that recurred despite surgical removal of some bigger ones.  All warts disappeared completely within 2 weeks of homeopathic remedy (5006350).Comments:  No recurrence noted during several months after discontinuation of treatment (0808).
  • A thirty-something sought homeopathic help for a 3 year history of frequent bowel movement (6-7/day), urgency with forceful expulsion of stools, loose and foul smelling stools, undigested food in the stools, excessive and explosive flatulence, feeling of emptiness in the stomach with intense desire to eat (Diabetes ruled out).  Consulted a GI doc, initially diagnosed to have hyperacidity, treated for H. Pylori infection, and also given proton-pump inhibitor and Zantac for over 1 year with no results.  Underwent colonoscopy with normal findings; subsequently diagnosed to have IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME (IBS).  Later tried Ayurvedic treatment without any success.  Also consulted a naturopath and treated with multiple dietary supplements, lactobacillus, and antifungal medicines for bowel candidiasis.  Continued to have good-days bad-days scenario but no real relief despite all treatments.  Also had bronchial asthma for over 20 years with frequent, often daily, use of Pulmicort and Albuterol keeping good control of his asthma symptoms; skipping the Pulmicort resulted in some shortness of breath and sensation as if not enough air is going into the lungs (5808509).Comments:  Based upon the homeopathic principles, given a single remedy with primary focus on IBS symptoms.  Within 4 days of taking the remedy, in patient’s words: “I feel better”, “There is unbelievable change”, “Bowel movements have drastically improved”, “Urgency is nearly gone”, “There is hardly any undigested food in the stools”, “Stools are very much toward normal”.At 4 month follow up, all IBS symptoms remained under good control.  As expected with constitutional homeopathic treatment, patient commented – “Coincidentally, my asthma symptoms have also improved a lot as I did not feel the need to take Pulmicort for the last several weeks”.  Treatment continues (0109).

    At 15-month follow up, ALL IBS symptoms were in full control including abdominal discomfort, frequent bowel movements, loose stools, urgency for stool, feeling of emptiness in the stomach, sensation as if stomach is going to break apart unless eaten something, etc.  With constitutional treatment for IBS, 22-year long asthma symptoms were also gone and patient stopped taking Pulmicort/Albuterol that was needed almost everyday for many years (0110).

  • A young man suddenly came down with severe body ache, headache, excessive shivering requiring lot of covers, terrible body shaking cough with rib/chest pain, high fever and constant throat irritation – all indicative of typical INFLUENZA.  Treated with single homeopathic remedy.  Nearly 80% symptoms improved after 4 dosages and within 2 days, person went back to work with only mild lingering cough for few more days requiring some more dosages of the remedy.Comments:  Influenza in not only a body breaking illness, it generally drains out the person for nearly 2 weeks keeping them off work.  With homeopathic remedy, the person avoided (Frequently prescribed) antibiotic; and, the recovery time was also cut short to just 2-3 days (0209).
  • One year old infant had 3 EAR INFECTIONS during 6 months prior to seeking alternative help as ENT doc seriously contemplated the need for ear tube placement because of persistent fluid in both middle ears in addition to blocked Eustachian tubes. Within 5 weeks of treatment with homeopathic remedies, to the amazement of both parents, ENT doc did not find any fluid at all in the middle ears; the tympanometry also became normal. Thanks to homeopathy, the myringotomy was postponed; with such an excellent response documented by the ENT specialist, it is hoped that the infant will continue to have good long term benefit from homeopathic treatment (4410644).
  • A teenager came with a history of acne-type eruptions on face and upper extremities that first developed during early infancy. Diagnosed as baby acne, assured it will go away; when failed to go away after 4 years, treated with steroid without any response. Consulted a derm doc about 8 years from the onset, diagnosed as KERATOSIS PILARIS but was told no treatment available. A second derm doc prescribed Retin-A, Kerafoam and Salex without any obvious improvement. Eruptions progressed to involve other area of upper, as well as lower, extremities. No physical symptoms ever reported except cosmetic concern. Eruptions worse after shower, heat of bed, and pressure when lying with arm down (3109568).Comments: Patient and parent reported about 30-40% improvement within 5-6 weeks of single homeopathic remedy for an 11-year old illness. Continued to have gradual and consistent improvement over next 9 months. Overall, at 1 year follow up, reported no further progression since the treatment began, and about 70-80% improvement in old eruptions with much decreased skin discoloration and bumpiness. Treatment continues (101010).
  • History: Twenty seven month old infant with a history of rash around mouth, chin, both cheeks, chest, as well as in the folds of knees and elbows since 3 months of age. Derm doc diagnosed joint eczema, PERI-ORAL ECZEMA, given Elidel and other steroid creams with only partial and temporary improvement. Also diagnosed to have IMPETIGO/staph dermatitis that seemed to linger on. Frustrated parents consulted 7 dermatologists in 2 years with advice to use increasing strength of Hydrocortisone cream, antibiotics and moisturizers without any satisfactory improvement (0111722).Symptoms: Redness, swelling of skin, flakiness, excessive itching, bleeding, burning and crying when exposed to water, sleeplessness.

    Examination: Moderate peri-oral eczema with red spots as if burst vesicles, rawness of skin. Moderate eczema front of elbows and back of knees with similar changes.

    Homeopathic treatment: Two remedies given over a period of about 6 months.


    • Nearly 80% improvement within 6 weeks of starting the first remedy. Required another remedy after 3 months.
    • Treatment was continued with only twice weekly dosing of the remedy for about 6 months with complete resolution of eczema from all affected parts; in addition, parents reported the skin becoming smooth – like a baby skin – again.
    • Remedy was stopped after about 9 months of treatment.
  • History: 99-year old male, history of MRI proven SUBDURAL HEMATOMA five months ago following a fall with injury to head developed post-head injury gait instability, mood changes, inability to sit or walk or come downstairs, aloofness with no interest to do anything anymore. No allopathic treatment offered.Repeat MRI 4 months after initial injury showed increasing bilateral fronto-parietal subdural hematoma overlying cerebral hemispheres with mass effect and gyral flattening overlying left frontal as well as parietal lobes. Immediately referred to ER by radiologist but sent home; was told again that no medical treatment was available and surgery could not be offered, and that the condition is usually progressive with expected further deterioration in symptoms.

    Family sought homeopathic treatment hoping for some improvement. Remedies analyzed based upon key rubrics/symptoms such as hematoma of brain, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral concussion, vertigo after concussion of brain. Single remedy chosen based upon the principles of homeopathy was started 3 times a week (4310663).

    Follow up (10 days later): Patient was able to come downstairs to sit with family from staying upstairs all day and night before starting homeopathic treatment.

    Follow up (1 month later): Other symptoms started to improve, and he was able to walk, gait balance improved, became more alert, expressed feeling better, and also seemed improved by other family members.

    Comment: Significant improvement in symptoms for which patient sought homeopathic treatment in a deteriorating condition for which no allopathic medical or surgical treatment could be offered.

    Follow up (3 months after initiation of homoepathic treatment): Further improvement noted as his overall stamina got better, walking improved, started to read newspaper again; and, his mood and gait/balance returned to pre-injury level. He started to come down and sit with family for all meals and started watching television. Treatment was stopped after 6 months.

    Late follow up/Comment (1 year after stopping the treatment): All symptoms he developed after head injury that resolved within 4 months of homoepathic treatment continued to remain under control without any recurrence. His daily routine and life style significantly disturbed by the progressive subdural hematoma was all back to his pre-head injury state (113011).