How do homeopathic remedies work?

Homeopathic medicines are carefully selected, according to each individual case, to stimulate body’s own defense systems to heal the body, mind and spirit without any toxic side effects.

Because these remedies are highly diluted, some people feel they ‘should’ not work and are reluctant to investigate further. Homeopathic remedies act on an energetic level not on a traditionally understood physical level; so when skeptics state there is nothing in a homeopathic remedy, perhaps it is due to the fact that we are not currently able to measure this type energetic phenomenon.

The exact mechanism by which homeopathic remedies work is unknown. However, 200 years of clinical experience along with research published in such medical journals as The Lancet, Pediatrics, and the British Medical Journal have confirmed that these remedies work effectively, gently and often profoundly.

The response to a homeopathic remedy is not placebo, as the remedies work on children and animals who are believed not to have any knowledge of what placebo effect is. Furthermore, a homeopathic remedy will not work if it is not chosen properly.