Homeopathic help for symptoms of Autism

Family of a 9-year old youngster sought homeopathic help for symptoms of AUTISM (Autistic Spectrum Disorder).


  • Had normal speech until age 10 months; then had sudden standstill to speech development.
  • Parents thought “just a later talker” and did not seek medical attention.
  • At 20 months, consulted PMD, developmental pediatrician and then a neuropsychologist; diagnosed as Autism-PDD and advised therapy under EIP.

Symptoms during 2-9 years of age:

  • Speech issues:  No spontaneous speech, unclear speech, high pitched squeaking noises, unable to express his needs including urination/defecation, mind unconnected with hearing/vision, constantly makes purposeless noise, does not follow command, etc.
  • Behavioral issues:  Hyperactive, fidgety, wanders around purposelessly, inappropriate laughing, screams for no reason, throws things, aggressiveness, bit destructive, bites/scratches himself/others, etc.
  • Learning disability:  Poor concentration, not able to sit for meals, very low learning level for age.
  • Fears/anxiety of:  Crowded places, swimming/water, new foods, new places, dark, narrow places, bright light, noisy places, being left alone, etc.

Therapy/treatment taken:

EIP, special classes, neuro-feedback, biofeedback, chelation, hyperbaric oxygen, etc. but none helped to any appreciable degree (071911).

Improvements observed/described by parents during 4 months of homeopathic treatment:

  • Speech: Has spontaneous speech after many years, increasing vocabulary, can make short sentences up 4 words, better clarity of speech, able to express his need for urination, mind seems more connected when talked to or looked at.
  • Behavioral issues:  Less hyperactive, less fidgety, less purposeless wandering around, much less inappropriate laughing, does not scream without reason, better self-control, does not throws things anymore, less stomping of feet, much less biting, less intrusiveness, seems happier and more playful.
  • Learning: Concentration improved, seems to be learning better, improved comprehension, can finish his meals sitting at one place and all by himself, started to watch TV he never did before.
  • Fears/anxiety: Less fear/anxiety about crowded places, new places, loud noises, being left alone, for swimming, anticipatory anxiety, dark, new foods.


Treatment continues (012512).