7-year old with SEBORRHIC DERMATITIS (24191280)

  • History:
    –  Came with a history of severe eczema of 9-month duration.
    –  Initially started as itchy, red, round patch below lower lip that resolved after few weeks.
    –  2 months later, developed similar rash affecting face, eyelids, around the mouth, back and elbows.
    –  PMD diagnosed as eczema and advised to use Vaseline and moisturizers to keep skin moist that provided some improvement.
    –  Within, next 1 month, rashes recurred on all previous parts with much more severity and extended to scalp, forehead, and knees.
    –  Dermatologist diagnosed it as Atopic Dermatitis and prescribed strong steroid on the body and Eucrisa on the face. There was significant improvement within 1 week.
    –  Within a month after stopping steroid the rash flared up again this time also affecting the neck, sideburns, earlobes, and chin.
    –  Restarted steroid cream and it helped again.
    –  Within 1 week after stopping steroid, it flared up yet again – now having angry looking, swollen and very itchy skin.
    –  Then eczema continued and flared up intermittently despite using 2 steroid creams and an antihistamine drug.
    –  Allergy testing all negative.
    –  Sought homeopathic treatment at the advice of the grandmother.
    –  Other issues: Excessive earwax.
  • Examination:
    – Red, round, flaky, dry rash affecting the forehead, eyelids, nose, cheeks, sideburns, earlobes, chin, shoulders, upper arms, elbows, forearms, wrists, back of hands, fingers, and back of knees.
  • Homeopathic assessment: Seborrhic dermatitis.
  • Treatment: Remedies used during homeopathic treatment included Kali brom, Natrum mur, Psorinum, and others.
  • Progress:
    –  2-month follow-up: Significant improvement per mom with improvement in all rashes.  No new rashes noted.  Only minor flare-up of old rashes.  Skin about 90% better.  Residual seborrhea noted primarily on eyelids, neck, shoulders, and elbows.
    –  5-month follow-up: No further improvement; rashes up and down, continued to have residual 10% rashes.
    –  5-month follow-up: No further improvement in 10% residual rashes but no major flare up and no new rashes.  Potency increased.  Much less need for steroid creams.
    –  10- month follow-up: Significant improvement in residual seborrhea.  Skin now free of all rashes.  No need for steroid creams in last 2 months.  No new rashes.  No flare-up of old rashes.
  • Outcome:
    –  Treatment continued with decreased frequency of remedies.
    –  Will update further progress after subsequent visits.

A young adult with chronic, recurrent, multiple warts (48191304)

  • History:
    –  A young adult came with a history of MULTIPLE WARTS for the past 6 years.
    –  First wart noted after starting baseball in the school.
    –  Thought just an extra skin so scraped it off.
    –  But it kept coming back.
    –  Within next year or so, developed warts on several other fingers and face.
    –  In addition, old warts started to get bigger in size.
    –  No symptoms other than cosmetic concern.
    –  Other issues: Hyperhidrosis (dripping sweat!) of both palms for over 10 years.
  • Examination:
    –  Warts on right middle finger (3 warts), tip of right thumb, near nail bed of right thumb, terminal phalanx of left index finger, right side of upper lip, near right angle of mouth.
    –  Wart features: Slightly raised, yellowish, crusty appearance, cracks in the skin, soft-firm consistency.
  • Treatment:
    –  After living with warts for nearly 5+ years, patient tried Wart Remover Liquid but it hardly helped.
    –  Used Homeopathy Wart Removal Formula locally which helped but only about 20%.
    –  3 months before seeking homeopathic treatment, patient had all warts “burned” by a derm doc.
    –  Within 3-4 weeks of laser burning, all warts came back.
    –  Derm doc – a family member – advised patient to seek homeopathic treatment.
  • Progress:
    –  5 days after starting homeopathic treatment, patient noticed warts getting smaller.
    –  In about 10 days, most finger warts were nearly gone!
    –  At 9 weeks follow up, 90% of 6 year old warts were resolved.
    –  At 5 months follow up visit, all (100%) warts were fully resolved.
  • Outcome:
    –  At 5 month follow up, the frequency of homeopathic remedies was decreased.
    –  Further progress to be updated in the future.

A teenager with recurrent painful axillary boils with foul-smelling pus and blood.

  • History:
    • A 14-year-old girl came with a history of a big pimple in the right axilla about 9 months prior to the visit.
    • Thought it was like a usual pimple and would go away.
    • No treatment taken and it did resolve spontaneously.
    • A month later, the painful boil flared up at exactly the same spot. When she squeezed it, foul-smelling pus and blood came out but it healed again.
    • For next 6 months, she continued to have recurrence of boil at the same location just about every 4 weeks.
    • Then, scar tissue was noted with a cord-like structure under the axillary skin.
    • The pediatrician diagnosed HIDRADENITIS SUPPURATIVA and gave a 10-day course of antibiotic.
    • Patients eliminated sugar, dairy, yeast, potatoes, white rice, chili peppers canola oil from her diet without any benefit.
    • Pediatrician stated a genetic disorder with no cure; said she will need multiple antibiotic courses and perhaps surgery to get partial/temporary relief.
    • The family sought homeopathic help after doing on-line research that also indicated poor results, if any, from conventional treatment as explained by the pediatrician.
  • Symptoms/Examination:
    • Recurrent, painful boil in right axilla filled with foul-smelling pus and blood.
    • Scarring and sinus track formation.
  • Other symptoms/issues included in the homeopathic analysis had: Never been well since puberty, easy anger, fear of being alone, poor sleep, facial acne, teeth grinding in sleep, sleep walking, excessive flatulence, brittle nails, and hair loss.
  • Treatment: Homeopathic remedies started based upon totality of symptoms, physical features, mental make-up and clinical experience from treating previous patients with similar issues.
  • Progress:
    • 9 week follow-up visit:
      –  One recurrence of boil 4 weeks after starting homeopathic treatment: Boil smaller in size less painful, less pus, no odor at all, no pain at all.
      –  Another flare up about 2 months after starting homeopathic treatment: Big boil, but less pus, less pain, no odor at all.
      –  No active boil at the time of visit. Small opening at the site of previous boil, no odor, no pus/blood. Fibrous cord of sinus track was thinner and shorter.
      –  Since it takes about 4-8 weeks to see any response, it was decided to continue same remedies and observe longer.
    • 5 month follow-up visit:
      –  Family felt she was doing much better.
      –  No new boils since started homeopathic treatment.
      –  Frequency of recurrence of previous boil remained the same but the amount of pus, blood, pain, and odor were all significantly less.
      –  Two recurrences occurred 1 week before menstrual period.
      –  Exam: No active boil noted; no blood, pus or foul odor.  Previous opening seemed nearly closed. Fibrous cord was softer.
    • 7.5 month follow-up visit:
      –  SIGNIFICANT improvement per patient and parents.
      –  No need to consult pediatrician or take antibiotic in last 3-4 months.
      –  No new boils since started treatment.
      –  No flare up of previous boil in preceding 10 weeks.
      –  Exam: Skin all dry and normal looking.  No blood, pus, or odor at all.  Fibrous cord much softer.  Opening of sinus track closed.  Scar mark at one end of sinus track nearly gone; the other end getting flatter and thinner (treatment also included remedy for scarring).
  • Outcome:
    • Significant improvement from Homeopathic treatment for an allopathically [very] challenging skin disorder.
    • Treatment continues; will update further progress.

Teenager with Recurrent MRSA Boils for 4 years (10171190).

  • Developed recurrent boils in the peri-anal area, thighs, and lower buttocks for no obvious reason.
  • Had pus filled lesions bursting easily with pus and blood discharge.
  • Developed few abscesses and required surgical drainage.
  • Culture positive for MRSA
  • Consulted dermatologist, immunologist, allergist, and surgeon.
  • Allopathic treatment tried: Hibiscus bath, multiple antibiotics, daily bath, and daily washing of under clothes, etc.
  • Continued to have recurrent MRSA boils despite all allopathic treatment.
  • Started homeopathic treatment after having recurrent boils for over 4.5 years.
  • Had significant response within 2 months of homeopathic treatment and did not develop any new boils.
  • Continued to have few small acne type lesions for 2-3mnths while taking homeopathic remedies.
  • After 5 months of homeopathic treatment, all small and large MRSA boils stopped completely.
  • Treatment stopped after about 1 year.