Help for some unexplained illnesses

If a person has unsatisfactory response from conventional treatment for any of the following problems, and is willing to try alternative or complementary treatment, consider homeopathy.

There may be several homeopathic remedies (medicines) available for each problem. However, for best results, homeopathic treatment is usually very iindividualized.

  • Phantom limb pain (after amputation)
  • Bone fracture well aligned but not healing (non-union of fracture)
  • Persistent pain following an injury
  • Toothache persisting following successful tooth extraction
  • Leg cramps at night/in bed (cramps in calves/feet)
  • Fever before exams/tests in school
  • Involuntary movements of eyelid, face, lips
  • Offensive perspiration of feet despite good washing
  • Every little injury suppurates
  • Unable to sleep because of overactive mind or agitation
  • Persistent toothache since filling was done
  • Red swollen eyelids
  • Child coughs only when angry
  • Burning in the sole of feet only at night
  • Fear of crossing the road
  • Fear of someone behind/following you
  • Painful constriction of anus after passing stool
  • Anticipatory nervousness before a big event
  • Excessive flatulence
  • Sensation of hair on the tongue
  • Involuntary, spasmodic closing of eyelids
  • Fetid odor from mouth
  • Constant inclination to swallow
  • Sweating while eating
  • Profuse sweating on head
  • Toothache only during menses
  • Feeling of never-get-done with defecation (even though there is no constipation /diarrhea)
  • Sneezing when exposed to sunshine
  • Headache in sunshine
  • Axillary sweat smells like onion
  • Many other problems

To find a homeopathic physician in your area, you may search the web. National Center for Homeopathy also has a list of homeopaths at their website (Tel: 877-624-0613, 703-548-7790).