Does Homeopathy Really Work?

These people think it does!!

  • When we were searching for an alternative medication for our Son for his recurring cold and cough issues, we found Dr. Agarwal’s profile online. Dr. Agarwal is so polite in listening to our questions, comments, and understanding in detail the current situation of our Son before providing any alternate medication for him. We have seen tremendous improvement with my Son’s recurring cold and cough issues. Now, we went to alternative medicine for our other son too. We are seeing great improvements with the other son’s allergic conditions and recurring colds and coughs. If anyone looking for alternative medicine for their kids then our first recommendation would be Dr. Agarwal for his vast knowledge and patience in listening to our words and trying to understand the symptoms to come up with appropriate remedies.
  • We are seeing Dr. Agarwal for Eczema and managing the symptoms of flare-up and skin itchiness using Homeopathic remedies. My kid has atopic dermatitis since birth. Dr. Agarwal is a big help and our daughter’s symptoms are getting better.  Dr. Agarwal also advices us about holistic improvement in diet, cleanliness, and well-being. We are fortunate to be under his care.  The schedule is clearly marked and the instructions are clear.  Appointments sessions are thorough.  We are hopeful that Homeopathic remedies will help to solve the problems with the Eczema flare-ups and itchiness.
  • My daughter has been under Dr. Agarwal’s Homeopathic care for eczema for about 2 years and she is now eczema free. We’re grateful for the science of Homeopathy and Dr. Agarwal’s medicines for the cure. I can personally attest to how much of a difference this treatment has made in our kids life. Thank you, Dr. Agarwal 🙂
  • I met doctor Agarwal seven years ago. One of my friend gave her contact and I think it was a blessing for me. My son was not speaking anything except few words. But as of today he is not only verbal but also able to communicate with other people. He is less social though but because of him and his medicines he has come a long way. Thank you Dr. Agarwal.
  • If you’re looking for alternative medicine, Dr. Agarwal is who you want to consult with. His approach to health considers the whole person when mainstream medicine says just focus on the diagnosis. You won’t find a doctor in my opinion that will spend the time with you and genuinely care about a patient’s recovery like Dr. Agarwal. The care combined by his professionalism and the office experience sets him apart from any doctor I have ever visited. My 2 children and I suffer from an autoimmune disease called lichen planus which has no cure and is offered steroids as an option for relief and often makes the condition worse. After 8 weeks of homeopathy the symptoms subsided for each of us, upon completion of the treatment I have had no new outbreaks which my dermatologist finds hard to believe given her experience with the disease. My children continue to be under Dr. Agarwal’s care and I have full confidence they too will make a 100% recovery.  We have been seeing Dr. Kishan for years now. First for our older daughter and now for our younger one. In both cases, we are very happy with how effective remedies have worked for our girls. Dr. Kishan is very knowledgeable, patient and accurate in treating. Homeopathic remedies have proven very effective for our girls and hope it will help others too.
  • We went to Dr. Agarwal for my son’s warts problem. He has been suffering from this problem for the past 6 years. We tried everything including consultation with his Pediatrician, over-the-counter medications and lastly a minor surgery from Dermatologist. Nothing really cured the issue and in fact, warts grew bigger in size after the surgery. We’ve approached Dr. Agarwal for Homeo treatment.  It’s been less than a week and some of the bigger warts have almost disappeared and it made my son extremely happy.
  • I am so glad we did homeopathic treatment with Dr. Agarwal for my daughter. We started treatment for her Eczema when she was 6 months and now at 1 yr old, she is significantly better.
  • Dr. Agarwal is detail-oriented. I really like his approach. His medicine started working within a few weeks for recurring strep and acid reflux.
  • Dr. Agarwal is one of the best physicians that I’ve ever met.  I have been consulting him for over 2 years for an auto-immune condition and his remedies have kept the symptoms under control.
  • I met Dr. Agarwal almost 9 years back when my son was diagnosed with psoriasis. He started the treatment, listened to us patiently and we came a long way. My son is 14 years old now and doing so well.  Me being a physician, knowing that there is no cure for psoriasis, except controlling by steroids at that age, I resorted to Dr. Agarwal, who guided us through this journey.  My son finished his treatment recently, and all because of Dr. Agarwal. God bless him.