Chronic Infective Dermatitis

  • History: 13-year old, history of eczema for 7 years, first lesion appeared like an insect bite on his leg but healed after antibacterial cream. A year similar lesion recurred and diagnosed as allergic eczema/dermatitis by several doctors including derm docs. Treated with local steroid creams including the strong ones, and antibacterial ointment. Despite treatment the skin eruption worsened within few months and spread to other body parts. 1014998.
  • Progress with allopathic/other treatments: For the next 5 years all skin eruptions persisted with only partial and temporary improvement from steroid cream and moisturizing lotions but never healed. Also tried some nutritional treatment, infrequent bath avoiding eggplants he was allergic to but nothing helped.
  • Examination: Prior to seeking homeopathic treatment, despite 5 years of allopathic treatment, his skin findings included: Severe, chronic skin condition with dark, black, and thick skin. Redness at the edges of eruption, rawness, extreme itching, and bleeding when scratching affecting shoulder, upper arms, back, buttocks, thighs and legs.
  • Homeopathic assessment: Chronic infective dermatitis with eczematous changes in the skin.
  • Homeopathic treatment: Within 5 weeks of remedies given only once a day his skin condition improved nearly 90% as per mom’s assessment; photo comparison was consistent with clinical improvement.
  • Progress with homeopathic treatment: Mom stopped all allopathic treatment (not felt necessary) after 5 years of using it continuously. Within 10 weeks of treatment he was nearly 95% better with previous improvement sustained. Treatment continues. With this degree of improvement, it is expected that he will be cured within next few months of homeopathic treatment.